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Trevor Keith Williams aka General T.K., from Manchester
, Jamaica, West Indies.

General T.K. began writing lyrics in the parish of Mandeville in his childhood,
drawing inspiration from Johnny Ringo. The leading Gemini Hi Power DJ
encouraged Williams to perform on the sound system and he embarked on a career
adopting the "T.K." moniker.

His early experience in the dancehall was with the country sound, Wisdom,
followed by a spell with Lightning High Power from Spanish Town. His popularity
on the sound resulted in his recording debut ‘Nah Money Nah Run’, which was
released in 1986 through the production team of Dennis and Junie Star. A number
of hits followed with King Jammy and Bobby Digital, purveyors of the prevalent
Waterhouse sound. The DJ maintained a high profile in Jamaica, although it was
not until 1992 that he gained international acclaim, in spite of two successful
Canadian tours.

His big break came though, with Captain Sinbad who released ‘Fanciness’. The tune was a
version of the then popular ‘Heart Attack’ rhythm, a reworking of Burning
Spear’s ‘He Prayed’. General T.K.’s distinctive gravely delivery, with rough-
edged lyrics, is reminiscent of Dirtsman with whom he frequently clashed in the
dancehall. The hits continued to flow, notably ‘God Alone’, ‘Main Point’,
‘Poisonous Dettol’ and ‘I Spy’ an answer to Simpleton’s ‘Eye Nah See’.
Simpleton’s original version was a barrage of risqué lyricism while Williams’
interpretation has since become a dancehall anthem.

By 1993, General T.K. revoiced ‘I Spy’ with debutant producer Adrian Genus. The
song again proved a hit and led to his album debut featuring the vitriolic
‘Screwface’, the culturally inclined ‘Preach The Gospel’ and ‘Matie A Mad’ (a
tune he had previously voiced with E.J. Robinson). He also recorded with Johnny
Osbourne (‘Street Knowledge’, ‘Coke And Crack’, ‘Money Is A Thing’ and ‘Coop A
Broke Down’). He continued working with Captain Sinbad being featured on Ragga
Clash Volume Two as well as enjoying hits with Henry ‘Junjo’ Lawes, including
the hilarious ‘Donkey Meat’, a lewd tune inspired by Major Mackerel.



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